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 Leadership and Wellness Go Hand in Hand

Luster Wellness is an extension of Luster National Inc’s Corporate Wellness Program. Luster Wellness provides a platform for Luster Team Members and other industry members to access corporate health tips, review internal COVID-19 updates, and keep up to date on AEC trends through the Luster Leadership series.

Wellness information, COVID-19 updates, and nutrition counseling are provided by Luster National Inc's Wellness Manager, Sarah Luster. Sarah is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and certified health coach (CHC) who is passionate about supporting people in their journey to both physical and mental health. She works with Luster Team Members in goal setting and wellness planning, enabling those with even the busiest of schedules to incorporate healthy choices into their daily lives.

The Luster Leadership Series, created by Deborah Luster, includes both video and written interviews with AEC Industry leaders. Deborah explores industry trajectory, trends, and COVID-19 impacts with some of AEC's biggest names and influencers. 

Luster Wellness aims to keep you healthy, safe, and informed. Enjoy this one-stop hub for reliable wellness and leadership information.

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