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Watch Prison Break S02e09 1 'LINK'

While they are en route, the prisoner Red was talking about, Luther Todd Braxton, breaks free with the help of corrupt guards and other prisoners he has previously selected for his escape team. They quickly swarm through the prison, killing all of the CIA guards and rounding up the non-military civilian staff, including Warden Mills.

Watch Prison Break s02e09 1

Meanwhile, Liz has located Red and teamed up with some of his previous associates that were also locked up there, as well as a couple of CIA guards who survived the break-out. Red knows that Braxton wants to access the US server, and determines that they must destroy the computer room where the servers are located to prevent this. The come up with a plan to over-heat the prison's boilers, located one level below the server room. The resulting explosion would destroy the computer systems, keeping Braxton from accessing the network. They make it to the boiler room, but because of automated safety valves, someone must manually turn the valves to overheat them. Red and Liz stay behind, while the others leave on their own.

Bet and Peggy head to the prison wing and break Frances out of her cell. However, before they can get out, the presence of multiple Raven Union soldiers forces them to hide in another room -- the one where Alfred, Thomas, Lucius and Dave Boy are all locked up. Bet recognizes Alfred fondly, and she lets him and his friends out. When Gaunt hears that they are on a mission to steal "Project Stormcloud," she insists they help, and everyone ends up on the same side.

Six seasons and a Thanksgiving episode! With the Community movie finally on the way, now's the perfect time to revisit the cult classic sitcom, which had one Thanksgiving episode in its fourth season. Unfortunately, it occurred in the so-called "gas leak year," the season universally acknowledged as the weakest given creator Dan Harmon was absent. Despite that, "Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations" is one of its more solid outings, and it's crucial to Jeff's character arc. The episode sees Britta join Jeff on his long-awaited reunion with his estranged father, played by James Brolin, while everyone else spends Thanksgiving with Shirley. They end up hiding out in the garage the entire time to get away from her family, turning the episode into a parody of prison break movies. Boot this one up while giving thanks to Peacock for saving us from the darkest timeline where a Community movie never happens. 041b061a72


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