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Responsive and Elegant Mikrotik Hotspot Login Page Templates for Your WiFi Network

Mikrotik Hotspot Login Page Template Download: How to Customize Your WiFi Network

If you are using Mikrotik RouterOS to manage your WiFi network, you might want to customize your hotspot login page to make it more attractive and user-friendly. A hotspot login page is the web page that users see when they connect to your WiFi network and need to enter their credentials or accept the terms of service.

Mikrotik Hotspot Login Page Template Download


There are many ways to customize your hotspot login page, such as changing the logo, background, colors, fonts, layout, and content. You can also add features like live chat, voucher printing, billing integration, and more. However, creating a hotspot login page from scratch can be time-consuming and complicated.

That's why you might want to use a ready-made template that you can download and modify according to your needs. A template is a pre-designed web page that you can use as a base for your hotspot login page. You can find many free and premium templates online that are compatible with Mikrotik RouterOS.

How to Download and Install a Mikrotik Hotspot Login Page Template

Downloading and installing a Mikrotik hotspot login page template is easy and fast. Here are the steps you need to follow: