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[S15E15] Are You My Person

The brothers leave the deli, and as they drive off Sam figures that it's best. Dean stops the Impala's engine and tells Sam that he's going to ask Amara something. He goes in and asks Amara why she brought Mary back. Dean tells her that her "experiment came to a not-so-happy ending, and asks what her points was. Amara says that she wanted Dean to see that Mary was just a person rather than the "myth" he held on. She says that the second reason she brought Mary back was to "release" Dean and dim his anger. Amara admits that she failed at that, and Dean furiously agrees.

[S15E15] Are You My Person

Four newlywed couples, who have never met each other before, spend their first night together, sharing stories, secrets, and a bed. In the morning, each is bombarded with personal questions from their spouse's friends and family. Then it's time for sun in the fun as they jet off to a honeymoon in Mexico.

Marge suggested that Bart and Lisa write a letter to Randall Curtis, the creator of Cosmic Wars, to complain about the film. However, they got a letter ignoring their complaints back along with a signed photo of Curtis. The Simpsons then head to Northern California to go to the Cosmic Wars Ranch to meet Curtis in person. Whilst Bart and Lisa go to meed Curtis, Homer and Marge went to the Lush Valley Winery. Bart and Lisa left the tour to go meet Curtis. Meanwhile, Marge and Homer got drunk. Bart and Lisa managed to convince Randall Curtis to go back to his roots with making his movies. Bart and Lisa left the ranch to find Homer and Marge drunk.

Okay, thank you. I'm glad I'm not the only one who was a little incredulous about how sanctimonious they were being about this given their history, but I haven't seen any other reviews bring it up. The Mike Tyson thing was literally this month last year - more recent than the Tosh blowup, in fact. I'm not saying they've lost the right to ever address this subject again, but one would have expected a little more humility and nuance given that they've had their own missteps where art meets sensitivity. Really, not one of their better episodes. Their constant need for personal drama is really starting to drag down the cases and characters. I'm not one of the L&O purists who hates all personal information, but I think they've really pushed the balance too far this season.

@Petra - I can't see Benson being able to adopt baby doe since she's already been declined before and her personal life is well documented and has even more problems happen to her. But then again the lousy writers never give any of us fans what we want anyways.I'm happy that Dean gets to star in his own show, hopefully it won't conflict with making an appearance or two on SVU and at least for me and other Bensidy shippers, even if he doesn't appear on the show he can still be "involved" off-screen like how Kathy was with Elliot.Then again....shows get picked up and then cancelled.All us Bensidy fans, keep the faith.

In December 2004, it was announced that Röhm was replaced by Annie Parisse who began portraying Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Borgia with the episode "Fluency". Parisse said, "I'm so excited to be a part of such a great show. I had so much fun when I did an episode a couple years ago and I'm really looking forward to working with everyone on a regular basis." Creator Dick Wolf said of the casting, "Annie is a terrific actress, and her new character (Alexandra Borgia) is an exotic beauty whose looks belie the fact that she is usually the smartest person in the room."[4]

Dean and Sam get in the Impala but as Dean starts the engine, he has second thoughts and decides to go back to talk to Amara again. He surprises her, sitting back down opposite her. They have a very deep and emotional conversation about why Amara brought back Mary. Amara says she wanted Dean to get to know Mary as a person, not the myth he had built up about her, and to recognize that there was no alternative utopian life if Mary had lived. She also says she hoped it would dissipate the anger inside him. Dean explains that the knowledge that their lives have been manipulated by Chuck makes him furious. He points out to Amara that Chuck doesn't care about anyone, including her. Amara asks if she can trust Dean. He says that he would never hurt her, and she says she will reconsider helping them.

The Disappearer's red minivan picks up a passenger and drives to a vacuum repair shop. After the Disappearer, a man named Ed, parks inside the rear garage, Saul steps out. Ed takes a photo of Saul and starts working on his new Nebraska ID, saying that he will have to wait at least two days to be transported out of state. In the meantime, Saul will be staying in a downstairs bunker with another client. Knowing the person is Walt, Saul asks how he is doing. Ed shows him a monitor screen with live footage from the bunker, where an impatient Walt paces around the room. 041b061a72


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