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Maria Bella

Maria Bella JamisonReal NameMaria Bella JamisonAlias(es)NanaSpeciesHumanCitizenshipAmericanGenderFemaleAge76Date of Birth May 25, 1940Date of DeathDecember 16, 2016StatusDeceasedActors/ActressesPortrayed byDeanna Dunagan Mariabella Jamison, otherwise known as Nana, is one of the main antagonists in the 2015 horror/comedy film The Visit, which was written by M. Night Shyamalan.

maria bella

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After they had recorded the footage, they contacted their mother, Loretta, and she reveals that they weren't their real grandparents. The two siblings try to escape, but the impostors force them to play Yahtzee. Becca excuses herself from the table, and she goes into the basement. After rummaging through a box in the basement, she finds the corpses of the real Fredrick Spencer and Mariabella Jamison dressed in their mental hospital uniforms, thus implying that the impostors were escaped mental patients. 041b061a72


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