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Rick And Morty (S06) NEW!

Rick and Morty has returned with a bonkers premiere episode, "Solaricks." Packed with action, callbacks, and deep cuts, the first episode of Season 6 is a mind blower. So, let's dive deep into spoilers and break it all down.

Rick and Morty (S06)


Rick's reset thereby pitches Morty back to an Earth plagued by monsters. But at least his family is there, right? Wrong. When the Citadel sent Ricks to reclaim C-137's portal gun from Morty and Summer in "Rickshank Redemption," they froze the surviving Smiths. In "Solaricks," a bearded, badass Jerry informs Morty that this ice killed "Hunger Games Summer" and made Beth fatally ill. It's little wonder Jerry then bails on the son, who bailed on him, twice before.

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