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FontCreater Professional Edition 11.5 With Crack

FontCreator Professional Edition 11.5

FontCreator is the most popular font editor for Windows, with over 5 million downloads worldwide. It allows you to create and edit fonts of any size, style, and script, as well as import and export fonts in various formats. FontCreator also supports advanced features such as OpenType layout tables, color fonts, variable fonts, and font validation.

In February 2018, High-Logic released FontCreator 11.5, which included several important bug fixes, enhancements, and improvements that will help you build awesome fonts. Some of the most impressive improvements are:


  • Support for Unicode variation sequences: You can now create fonts that support emoji modifiers, such as skin tone and gender variations.

  • Comes with ttfautohint version 1.8.1: You can use this tool to automatically generate high-quality hinting for your fonts, which improves their appearance on low-resolution screens.

  • Open contours while designing fonts: You can now create fonts that look like single line fonts, which can be used for engraving and other purposes. FontCreator will do some magic to make the fonts comply with the font standards.

You can download FontCreator 11.5 from the High-Logic website and try it for free for 30 days. During the trial period, it runs in professional edition mode, so all features are enabled. If you want to continue using FontCreator after the trial period, you can purchase a license for either the standard or the professional edition.

FontCreator is a powerful and user-friendly tool that will help you create stunning fonts for your personal or professional projects. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, FontCreator will make font design easy and fun.


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