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[S8E21] The One With The Cooking Class [WORK]

Monica is upset when a food critic gives her restaurant a horrible review. She finds out that he teaches a cooking class and goes to his class to confront him. She has him try her bouillabaisse again, but he still hates it. Another class comes in and it is Introduction to Cooking. The teacher asks a cooking question beforehand and Monica is able to answer it, allowing her to move to the head of the class. Soon her and Joey are involved in the whole class, and Monica is loving the praise from her teacher. When Joey's cookies beat Monica's, however, she is offended and reveals that she is a professional chef. The teacher says that she has been to Monica's restaurant and loves the food, giving Monica the boost of self-esteem she needed. On the way out, they stop at an introduction to acting class, thinking Joey will feel good about himself too. Joey doesn't know the answer to the teacher's question.

[S8E21] The One With The Cooking Class

Monica's restaurant gets a bad review in the Post. After confronting the critic who wrote it, she decides to join a cooking class, with Joey in tow. Ross goes on a date with a clerk from a baby store, making Rachel jealous. Chandler prepares for a job interview after Phoebe tells him that he makes a bad first impression.

When Monica's cooking at the restaurant is harshly criticized in a newspaper, she goes to a criticism class taught by the reviewer, hoping to convince him to reconsider his opinion. However, after he rejects Monica, she transfers to a beginners' cooking seminar, where she is hailed as a culinary genius. Meanwhile, Rachel gets upset when a cute salesgirl, Katie (Rena Sofer - "General Hospital"), flirts with Ross while he and Rachel are shopping for baby supplies. Also, nervous about a major job interview, Chandler receives some questionable coaching from Phoebe. 041b061a72


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