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Penalty Card Odds: Detailed Instructions for Calculating, Betting and Winning

When discussing card odds at the house, many players often ask the question "why is the total card odds of special interest?" Let's learn about penalty cards, how to calculate points, and how to bet for an exciting experience.

1. What is the Total Card Bet in Over/Under Match?

The total card bet in an over/under match is not a strange concept to bettors. This is the number of penalty cards that teams receive in a match or in a half. The house will provide odds to players based on the expected number of penalty cards.

2. Over/Under Penalty Card Odds

Penalty odds will reflect the betting site for football prediction of the number of penalty cards in the match. There are two main options:

Over: Predict that the number of penalty cards will be more than the bookmaker's bet.

Under: Predict that the number of penalty cards will be less than the bookmaker's bet.

3. Choose Over and Under

Players can choose to bet on Over if they believe the match will have many penalty cards, or bet on Under if they believe the match will have fewer penalty cards.

4. How to Calculate Points When Choosing Over/Under Penalty Cards

Each penalty card will be scored according to the following rules:

Yellow Card: 1 point.

Red Card: 2 points.

Note that if a player receives 2 yellow cards, the score will be 3, because 2 yellow cards convert to 1 red card.

5. How to Bet and Participate in Over/Under Handicap Betting

When betting on total penalty cards, players can choose to bet on the first half or the whole match. At the same time, the number of penalty cards is only counted when the referee penalizes a player who is playing on the field.


Thus, to clearly understand the total card bet in an Over/Under match, players need to consider the odds, choose the appropriate Over/Under bet, and learn how to calculate points. Applying this knowledge when participating in betting will help you have an enjoyable experience and increase your chances of winning. Make sure you clearly understand the penalty card odds before betting to optimize results.

Instructions on How to Calculate Penalty Card Odds with Detailed Examples

To help you clearly understand the question "What is the total card bet in an over/under match?" and how to calculate points, below are 3 specific examples for you to have a more detailed view of this method when participating in betting.

Example 1: Over/Under Betting on Total Penalty Cards

Players participate bookmaker free bet no deposit on the match between Chelsea and West Brom with the Over - Under bet on total penalties for the whole match. The bookmaker offers a bet of 2.5 points with a payout ratio for Over of -0.95 and Under of 0.62.

The match result recorded 1 yellow card and 1 red card, the total penalty card score is 3. The player who bets Over will win with a payout ratio of -0.95. If you bet 100,000 VND, you will receive 105,000 VND.