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The Brave Animation Hindi Dubbed Mp4 Movie 30 !!HOT!!

the design is pure retro; the characters are created by using the conventional animation techniques of the early 1960s; the plot, which veers wildly from a scene of merida eating horse feed to a death-defying duel to a sex scene between two bears, is basically contrived (the black legend in meridas role is reminiscent of the nibelungs); and the villain has no more personality or charm than a minor character in a david byrne video. the movie, which costs a generous $85 million to make, is just another in a long line of themed animations that have been churned out by disney-owned pixar.

The Brave Animation Hindi Dubbed Mp4 Movie 30

how can you make an animation that can stand up to pixars movies? easy: its a collection of the most outlandish and outrageous concepts, and those are precisely the animators' strengths. new characters are crazy, the setting is ancient scotland, and its plot is preposterous.

the movie starts with the typical prologue in which a mother and daughter bond. but then, as if to honor braves scottish roots, everything goes haywire. meridas mother is turned into a bear and her father into a goat, while her brothers are all transformed into horses, there are war bards, forest goblins, and even a troll.

this mish-mash of elements is sure to attract kids but does little to liven up the animation and story that follows. at one point, merida asks, "how was there a time i could have been like this?" the film answers: well, she was. most of her memories were turned into blocks of ice. (in one sequence, merida is a chipmunk, a seal, and a wolf, but she can't stop worrying about what happened to her real self.)


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