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Download IMG 9409 MOV Mp4 ((EXCLUSIVE))

The audio may not be in a format that iMovie likes. iMovie likes Mp4/AAC. Try using a video converter like the free download, Handbrake, to convert the video to Mp4/AAC. Do this even if the format already is Mp4/AAC as sometimes converting even into the same format can clear up glitches.

Download IMG 9409 MOV mp4

While that could be an option it's still doesn't answer the question. There MUST be somewhere to change this within Media Encoder to leave as the original. I have thousands of videos. I don't want to go through them 1 by 1 to change them back to the original date they were created. Who has time for that? Also, why download yet another program to do what Encoder should already do in the first place. It makes no sense. Can someone from Adobe Media Encoder answer this?

For those that want to do archiving, we don't want to lose the original creation date for videos or photos or you lose when that memory happened. Does the program you recommend allow you to import say 1000 images and videos, change the extension format, and then keep the original date for all of them? If not then it would be 1 by 1 because every image and every video has a different date and time. For photography, I want to remember the exact date in order to do future photos in the same area and I can reference to remember what it was like during that time. I didn't download the program because it's not in the apple store but I did download an app called 'File Date Modifier.' I love the app but again... you have to do each image 1 by 1 to get and adjust the file attribute to what you want. If that simple program can do it - then so can Media Coder if they simply put the parameters in the software. Adobe's lack of incorporating the programming has nothing to do with Microsoft or apple. It's in how Adobe programmed the software. Its beautiful software lacking a major simple yet important detail. Maybe they will see this post and realize they need to change it. I'd rather have just 1 program instead of 10 041b061a72


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