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Eating Healthy When You Have No time

One of the most common barriers to eating healthy is time. Having a busy schedule can make it difficult to plan and find healthy food that also is fulfilling. Convenience and fast foods tend to be accessible, fast, and tasty, being the go-to for many people who are pressed for time. Here are a few ways to eat healthy on the go:

Choose Healthy Options at Restaurants:

Whether you are going to a lunch meeting or picking up dinner, you can find healthy options at almost every restaurant. Choose:

· Salads with protein and dressing on the side

· Grilled chicken or fish

· Grilled vegetables

· Dishes with quinoa, brown rice, couscous

· Sandwiches with whole wheat bread

· Turkey burgers

· Entrees without a lot of sauces or gravies

*Restaurant portions tend to be extremely large. Ask for half size portion or ask for a takeout box so you can bring half of meal home for later!

Choose Healthy Fast-Food Options:

Avoiding all fast food may be difficult. However, you can choose healthier options at fast food restaurants. Choose:

· Grilled chicken sandwiches

· Salads with dressing on sides

· Veggie burgers


· Fried foods

· Soda

· Super-sized items

· Dressings/sauces

Choose Healthy Meal Kits or Frozen Meals

Meal kits deliver healthy food to your door with step by step recipes. This is a great way to become exposed to healthy recipes that taste great. Examples include Blue Apron, Home Chef, and HelloFresh. When shopping for frozen healthy food choose:

· Frozen fruit and vegetables (have same nutritional value as fresh - look for no added sugars)

· Curries

· Brown rice dishes/bowls

· Flat breads with vegetables

· Pastas with vegetables and protein

· Anything with lots of vegetables, grilled chicken, whole grains

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