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Home Workouts: Stay Fit Without a Gym

During a time when gyms are closed and there are more daily stressors than usual, prioritizing exercise is challenging. Despite the increased barriers to exercise, keeping yourself physically healthy is more important than ever. Exercising for as little as 10 minutes a day can relieve stress, boost your immune system, and improve cardiovascular health. Below, I have outlined the amount and types of exercise you should aim to do per week with some creative home workout suggestions.

Exercise Guidelines

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend adults get 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week. A great way to break down the time is 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days a week or 25 minutes of vigorous exercise 3 days a week. Moderate exercise looks like walking briskly, lightly biking, playing tennis doubles, and doing heavy cleaning (vacuuming and mopping). Vigorous exercise is hiking, jogging, bicycling fast, tennis singles, and carrying heavy loads. You can mix up workout intensities and break down the timing of workouts in a way that works for you - pick a routine that fits with your schedule and that you can stick to. The more you exercise the better the health benefits!

Home Workouts

Many people struggle to follow a workout regimen without access to a gym. Luckily, it is possible to get in a great workout in from anywhere with little to no equipment. A simple way to get in your exercise for the day is walking. A daily 30 minute brisk walk will help you reach the exercise recommendations while boosting your mood and immune system. There are a variety of other exercises you can do at home to reach the exercise guidelines:

Bodyweight Exercises: 10-20 reps

  • Bodyweight squats

  • Push-ups

  • Walking lunges

  • Plank (30 seconds)

  • Jumping jacks

  • Push-ups

  • Side lunges

  • Crunches

Resistance Training with Household Objects: 8-10 reps

  • Chair press (push up on chair)

  • Chair tricep dips

  • Backpack lunge (wear a backpack when lunging)

  • Backpack squat

  • Water bottle shoulder press

If you feel you that you need more guidance and prefer class-based exercise, YouTube is a great resource. Here are some workout videos from YouTube:


High Intensity Interval Training:



The most important thing to keep in mind when creating a workout schedule is to pick exercises that you enjoy. The more you enjoy what you are doing the more likely you will be able to stick to a routine. Find movement that you are passionate about - soon exercise will become an integral part of your lifestyle.

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