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Picture Resizing Tool For Mac [REPACK]

Luminar resize tool lets you set the pixel length of each side of the pic individually, as well as by long or short edge. Make the changes you want and click Save to export your edited visual.

Picture Resizing Tool For Mac

Download File:

Luminar boasts a collection of really handy tools to turn your photo creations into impeccable masterpieces. Some of the amazing things in the toolkit include noise removal for zoomed-in or poorly lit shots, AI skin and portrait enhancement tools, smart contrast that enhances your image without making it unnatural or noisy, and much more.

Resizing images on your Mac does not have to be an ordeal. You can simply use the tools at your disposal that can take care of image resizing as well as image editing and much more. One such tool that you now know how to use is the built-in Preview app. This Mac app is easy to use and you already have it on your machine.

Our first proposal is the built-in Preview app. Before opting for a third-party tool, you can take a look at this free option that comes with your Mac and see if it meets your requirements. Preview is not a benchmark for image editing, but it can be used for various optimization-related operations, such as resizing, cropping, converting or color adjusting.

PhotoMarks gives you the chance to resize multiple photos at once on Mac in a fast and easy manner. Fast, because the app takes advantage of multi-core processors to accelerate the process. Easy, because the app is designed as a three-step wizard. All you have to do is add your pictures in the first step, make the edits in the second and select your output format and folder in the last.

BatchPhoto Espresso gives you the possibility to change photo size in a couple of ways. You can choose one of the preset dimensions, as well as manually insert the desired values for width/height in two units: pixels or percentage. Besides resizing, you can also crop, rotate, rename, convert to various formats and select the quality/size of your pictures. If you want to enhance your images, the tool offers options to adjust the brightness, contrast, hue & saturation, reduce noise and also apply special effects like black and white and sepia.

Pixelmator Pro is a powerful photo editing tool developed exclusively for Mac users. The app was created to help you retouch and enhance your images in a variety of ways. At the same time it places at your disposal numerous drawing tools so you can create from scratch various graphic design elements, such as buttons, icons or illustrations.

PhotoResize Pro is a Mac program developed to optimize images in bulk. The app is designed with a single-window interface and makes the editing process clear and straightforward. Just drag and drop your pictures/folder, select one of the available options and then click on the Resize All button.

PhotoResize Pro offers multiple methods to reduce the size of your pictures. You can choose from the numerous preset sizes, type in the new dimensions in diverse units, select to fit to width/height, fit to rectangle, crop to rectangle or stretch to fill rectangle. The tool allows you to save your resizing configuration as a new preset and use it later. In the same session you can rename, convert or optimize JPEG/PNG files.

Image Resizer offers a couple of options to make photos smaller. You can select one of the four predefined sizes or you can manually enter the desired values in either pixels or percentage. At the same time you have options to adjust the image orientation, flip, convert to a common format or rename your pictures.

Fotor is a multipurpose tool with image editing and collage making capabilities. The app comes with a batch processing feature and hence gives you the possibility to apply the same changes to a group of photos, including reducing their size. Just click on Batch in the home menu, then on Batch Resize and then on Resize. Next all you have to do is enter the new values for the width and/or height.

Batch Image Resizer is a simple, but efficient alternative to change the size of multiple photos simultaneously. This image resizer for Mac comes with a clean, uncomplicated design: drag & drop pictures on the right side of the interface and select your editing settings on the left.

Resize Sense is an app particularly created to resize images on Mac in bulk. This tool stands out through its vast resizing possibilities. You can specify the desired dimensions, fit the original picture inside a box, set the shortest or longest edge, define the file size in bytes or crop photos without resizing them. In case the aspect ratio changes, you can opt to crop, deform or add borders.

Quick Scale is designed to quickly and easily scale dozens or hundreds of photos at once. The process is quite simple: all you have to do is add your files and select the preferred image resolution. The program will then take over and automatically resize your pictures.

Whether you have strict size requirements for a web / graphics design project, or just wish to make many pictures smaller for social media or e-mail, Resize Sense will get the job done quickly and easily. Save your settings as presets, and next times it will take even less time!

To resize an image to use as wallpaper, select the Apple menu > System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver. Click Desktop and navigate to the picture you want to use. Click the image's thumbnail and choose Fill Screen, Fit to Screen, or Stretch to Fit to have your image appear as you desire.

No matter your situation, resizing images on a Mac is a lot easier than resizing images on an iPhone. Indeed, Mac users can resize images with built-in tools such as Preview, Pages, Mail and ColorSync.

Now that you have a bit of background on the Automator app, go through the following steps to create a Quick Action on Automator. Steps 1-7 show you how to create an image resizing task on Automator. Step 8 shows you how to use it.

You need a steady stream of fresh content to stand out on social. But creating perfectly optimized images for every platform takes time. Landscape makes resizing images easy, so social media marketers everywhere can focus on what matters most: their communities.

In addition to its core image manipulation capabilities, ImageMagick also includes a number of other features, such as support for animation, color management, and image rendering. These features make it a versatile tool for a wide range of image-related tasks, including graphic design, scientific visualization, and digital art.

Overall, ImageMagick is a powerful and versatile software suite for displaying, converting, and editing image files. Its support for scripting and automation, along with its other features, make it a valuable tool for a wide range of image-related tasks.

Examples of ImageMagick Usage demonstrates how to use the software from the command line to achieve various effects. There are also several scripts available on the website called Fred's ImageMagick Scripts, which can be used to apply geometric transforms, blur and sharpen images, remove noise, and perform other operations. Additionally, there is a tool called Magick.NET that allows users to access the functionality of ImageMagick without having to install the software on their own systems. Finally, the website also includes a Cookbook with tips and examples for using ImageMagick on Windows systems.

Fast Image Resizer is a handy application that allows you to resize one or multiple images at once. In addition, the program has the ability to rotate and crop pictures so that they can meet your needs.

The utility comes with a simple interface that consists of a resolution drop-down box for selecting the desired sizes and a list panel where you drop the images you wish to rescale. The images can be resized by both default and custom size. Other options can be enabled from the Preferences dialog, which I recommend opening before enabling the resizing process. Therefore, you can set the output format by choosing between JPG or BMP formats and determine the computer location where to save the results, which may be a folder of the source files, a subfolder of the original directory, or a completely different folder. Furthermore, you can configure a pattern for renaming the resized files automatically and choose whether to overwrite or skip files that already exist. In addition, the program offers to crop the images in order to preserve the resolution you prefer and to rotate the pictures either by EXIF data or by orientation.

Use the Light Image Resizer to resize photos. The batch image converter can easily convert your pictures into different formats. Select your output resolution, resize the original or create a copy, move and/or rename files or compress, choose a specific destination for your processed images. You can work on individual photos or edit large numbers of images by simply doing a batch resize in just one click.

Add your own watermark to protect your work or add a copyright to photos with html-like text formatting and transparency support. Customize pictures by converting them to sepia or add a border. Use the live preview to see what the final result will look like before actually processing the image. The ObviousIdea Photo Resizer/Picture Resizer works on files, subfolders and folders, and supports RAW formats. With multi-core support integrated, you can convert images even faster. Launch the application easily from Windows shell explorer with a right click on the image or folder.

Arrange beautiful collage layouts with several pictures, only with a few clicks. Just choose your images, select a layout template, check the order, and save your collage. Perfect for sharing on social media or your blog post.

There is a virtually endless number of tools to choose from when it comes to resizing pictures. Your Windows 10 desktop or Chromebook already has the vast majority of these handy tools, so you can edit your images quickly without paying for expensive editing software that hogs precious memory space.


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